Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Makeup Art by Samar Al Hiddi

سمر الحدي فنانة في مجال المكياج 
ابتدى حبها للمكياج والالوان من صغرها وكبرت معاها الموهبة

سمر متخصصة في مكياج العرايس و المكياج التلفزيوني والسينمائي

واللي لفت نظري انها ترسم لوحات باستخدام المكياج بعد

الصورة الاخيرة هي لآخر لوحة رسمتها البارحه 
عجبتني اللوحة وطريقة رسمها بالمكياج

لحجز المواعيد 

Meet Samar Al Hiddi a young Bahraini with a passion for Makeup !
Her fascination with make up started when she was a kid and developed into a talent 

Even though her academic background is not related to her talent , 
in Sept 2010 she decided to turn her talent and hobby into a profession

When asked what is makeup to you , she says
"MAKEUP can be a reflection of a person's inner expression and making the ordinary, Extraordinary" 

( Good point !)

The photos shows samples of her work, and she specializes in Bridal, 
Engagement and High-Fashion MAKEUP, Haloween, TV/Cienma  

Also recently Samar started using makeup in paintings
 ( I thought this was a cool idea)
check out the last photo in this post (its a fresh one she just finished it last night)
 v unique !

Noor Al Shaikh ( Hala Bahrain presenter )

Painting using shadow, bronzer n Lip gloss a bit of glitz for the final touch
contact details 
mobile 00973-33340666

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