Thursday, 11 July 2013

Al Reem Charity Drive

مبادرة الريم الخيرية كانت فكرة بنتين بحرينتين يدرسون في الخارج
( ريم نورالدين و مريم السادة)  وفكروا في طريقة يساعدون فيها الاسر المحتاجة في البحرين 
 وكانت البداية في سنه 2010 عن طريق اقامة معرض الريم الخيري كل رمضان 
يخصص جزء من ريع المعرض للاعمال الخيرية و ريع معرض السنة اللي طافت
استفادت منه 80 عائلة محتاجة

ومعرض الريم متميز مو لانه معرض خيري وبس 
حتى العارضين فيه متميزين و معظمهم اصحاب مشاريع صغيرة من البحرين والخليج

المعرض السنه بيكون بتاريخ 12 يوليو 2013 ( التفاصيل هني )

اكيد يسووا انكم تزورونه :)

انستغرام alreemcharity@

Al Charity started with the initiative of two young Bahraini
ladies (Reem Nooruddin & Maryam Al Sadah)
who are studying abroad, but they still wanted to find a way
to give back to the local community in Bahrain.

For the past three years, they have organized Al Reem Charity Ramadhan & Eid Drive,
and have been growing each year.

The exhibition this year will be on 12th July 2013, click here for full event details.
Like each year a percentage of sales will be given to charity. Last year around
80 families benefited from the funds raised during the exhibition.

The exhibition itself is a different one from the rest of Ramadhan expos
taking place in Bahrain, with unique sellers and entrepreneurs from Bahrain
and the GCC participating.

I love the fact that even if the founders of the initiative are not based
in Bahrain for most of the year, their hearts and minds still work to
improve the lives of the less fortunate in their home country.

Definetly worth a visit on the 12th !

Instagram @alreemcharity

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